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About the project

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the creation of an autonomous non-profit organization, called upon to form a tourist-recreational cluster in the Cradle of the Russian fleet. Kronshtadt should become the largest island-museum in the world dedicated to the history of the Navy: great battles, outstanding commanders-in-chief, unique ships, with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of time and place.


Three main functions

5 000 000
people shall make the tourist flow of Kronshtadt, which is three times the current figures
1 000
new jobs will appear in Kronshtadt

On land

Fort "Peter I" will take historical reconstruction, there will be recreated the image of the old city of the XVIII century. There will be authentic taverns with old Russian cuisine, fairs and souvenir shops.

At the “Alexander I”, where the funicular will deliver guests all the year round, there will be an opportunity to hold performances, the audience of which will be able to become participants.

"Kronslot", the first fort of Kronshtadt, will allow to hold ceremonies according to the canons of the time of Peter the Great.


Educational routes on the theme of great battles and commanders, ships and marine specialties will appear in the park. A trail dedicated to significant geographical discoveries will be developed jointly with the Russian Geographical Society.

The famous forts of Kronshtadt will become an open part of the island-museum

1 200  m
will be the length of the cable car to the fort Alexander I
7  halls
will make part of the museum “Timeline”, as well as a lecture hall and the hall of fame of maritime powers
rooms in hotel complexes from 3 to 5 stars will be waiting for guests, and cafes and restaurants will present the naval and sea cuisines from around the world

At sea

In the tourist-recreational cluster, it will be possible to climb aboard active warships that can come here for open doors.

Those who wish can also visit the museum on board the first Soviet nuclear submarine “Leninskiy Komsomol” (the third in the world).

The largest oceanarium in Russia will appear in Kronshtadt. There are not only rare inhabitants of the deep sea and show-programs. There will be research laboratories, a children’s technology park to get acquainted with the maritime professions, and next to it there will be a diving center with an outdoor pool.

Thanks to the internal marina of Fort Kronslot, it will be possible to get on the territory of the fort on yachts and boats