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History of Fort Kronslot

Only six months after the founding of St. Petersburg, Peter I ordered the construction of a fortress near the island of Kotlin to protect the new city from the Swedes. The model of the fortress was made by Peter himself in Voronezh and sent at the end of 1703.



The fortress, named Kronslot, which in German means "Crown Castle", gave its first battle - the attack of the Swedish squadron of 13 ships was repulsed. A year later, Kronslot successfully repelled a new squadron attack, in which there were already 22 ships, with powerful artillery fire blocking its path to Petersburg.



During a severe flood, the fort received significant damage and was almost completely destroyed. Restoration work was carried out until 1863, when the Nikolaev battery was completed, which then became a powerful obstacle for the enemy’s naval ships.


During the First World War, a brick layer was erected over the concrete walls of the Nikolaev battery, where barracks were located. In this form, the fortification has reached our days.