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History of Fort Peter I

Having won the Swedes in the Northern War of 1700–1721, Peter I decided to strengthen the defense of St. Petersburg from the sea. To protect the ships in the harbor of Kronshtadt, the construction of the fort “Citadel” started.



A new fort was built in four years. By the end of construction, 106 guns were installed in the “Citadel”. Without significant alterations, the fortress stood on the protection of maritime frontiers for exactly 100 years - until the devastating flood in 1824.


The restoration of the defenses after the flood began with the fort "Citadel". The fort was rebuilt, became completely of stone, with the wall thickness of two meters. Upon completion of construction in 1834, the fort "Citadel" was renamed the fort "Emperor Peter I" by the decree of Nicolay I.



For the first time in the world, an underwater minefield was installed between the forts “Peter I” and “Alexander I” (and later between the forts “Kronslot” and “Peter I”). The 555-meter long line consisted of 105 mines and helped to protect Kronshtadt during the Crimean War.