VR-attraction “Sea Battle”
The attraction of virtual reality, the opportunity to feel like a pilot of the jet-plane taking off from an aircraft-carrying cruiser
The largest oceanarium of Russia. Rare species of inhabitants of the deep sea and show-programs. Research laboratories, children’s technopark for acquaintance with Maritime professions
Airship station
An opportunity to see the park and the Gulf of Finland from a bird’s eye view. Airship cabin for 10–12 seats
Diving center
Training and outdoor deepwater pool
Museum “Timeline”
The museum presents different time periods. Hall of Maritime Glory: gifts of the leading maritime powers, lecture hall for the demonstration of short films on modern military naval equipment, military developments and humanitarian operations
The Siege of Leningrad Museum
History of the Hero City, artifacts of 1941–1944, photo and video archives
One of the symbols of the city, the tourist attraction of the Coaster Harbor