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Kronshtadt Naval Academy Campus
Located on the embankment of the Coastal harbor. One of the city-forming elements. Includes two academic and one residential campus.
The largest oceanarium of Russia. Rare species of inhabitants of the deep sea and show-programs. Research laboratories, children’s technopark for acquaintance with Maritime professions
Kronshtadt Branch of the Central NavalMuseum
The quarter includes exhibition, hospitality, museum, and children’s entertainment spaces. There is space for holding lectures.
Sport complex
The territory includes two practice ice arenas, areas for team sports (football, volleyball, basketball, tennis) and light athletics.
Commercial gallery
Complex with a pedestrian zone including Oceanarium with children’s science and learning center, apartment hotel, and commercial gallery.
Alley of Admirals
The central point in the alley will be the Memorial for Lost Sailors.
One of the symbols of the city, the tourist attraction of the Coaster Harbor