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Fort Emperor Alexander I, “The Plague”

built to protect the South Fairway

One of the most beautiful forts of Kronshtadt, the fort "Alexander I" was built in 1845, that is, 20 years before its famous "colleague" - the French fort "Bayar", with which the fort "Alexander I" is often compared.

But the two forts have in common only the external similarity. The fort "Alexander I" gained its real fame under a completely different name and for a completely different reason. “The Plague” - this is how the fort came to be called at the end of the 19th century, when, in connection with the global epidemic of the plague, the laboratory to research this deadly disease was transferred here. In addition to the plague, other dangerous diseases were researched here - tetanus, cholera, typhoid, dysentery ...

Today, it is completely safe to stay on the territory of the fort. But its walls still keep the myths and legends that form an integral part of the urban folklore of Kronshtadt and St. Petersburg.

History of this fort
1200 m — a cable car journey takes 10 minutes