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Fort Kronslot

created to protect during the Northern War
Kroöneslot — in Dutch “Crown Castle”

Being the oldest of the forts of Kronshtadt, the fort "Kronslot" is only a year younger than St. Petersburg itself, for the protection of the sea approaches to which it was built.

The founder of St. Petersburg, Peter I, was directly involved in the construction of the fort - he made measurements of the depth at the site of the future construction and even made a model of the fortress. He also gave the fort the name "Kronslot" - "crown castle" (from the Dutch words "kroone" - "crown" and "slot" - "castle").

The order of Peter the Great, given to the garrison of the fortress, read: “Keep this citadel with God's help, till the last man is dead if it requires so, and when the enemy wants to get past it, then shoot, when it comes closer, and not rush to shoot, but shoot the last cannon so that the first one is ready and not shoot the cannonballs for nothing”.

Originally, the Kronslot fortress was wooden, had three tiers and was 37 meters high. It contained only 14 six-inch guns. But even this weapon was enough to repulse the very first attack of the enemy - the Swedish squadron.

History of this fort