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Fort Emperor Peter I

created to protect ships in the Merchant Harbor
106 guns — impressive artillery battery

Immediately after the end of the war with Sweden in 1721, Peter I set about building a new naval fortress, the fort “Citadel”, since the Kronslot fortress and the Kronshtadt coastal battery were clearly not enough to protect the ships mooring in the Merchant Harbor.

New wooden fortress consisted of two bastions, it housed more than a hundred guns. Together with “Kronslot”, the fort “Citadel” reliably defended the South Fairway for many decades. And only the unprecedented onslaught of the elements - the devastating flood of 1824 - made the intrepid fortress temporarily reduce its combat power. Rebuilt in stone, the fort "Citadel" received a new name - "Peter I".

By the end of the 19th century, with the development of long-range artillery capable of firing Kronshtadt from the mainland, the need for a fort, as a fortification, had disappeared. But its formidable silhouette still inspires awe and respect for passing ships.

History of this fort